• Living Asset Management

    Living Asset Management focuses on people and the need for good leadership and strategies for developing a high performance culture which ensures excellence in asset management. Read More
  • A Paradigm Shift in Asset Management

    Just as a tree needs the right climate and soil to produce wonderful fruit, so too, asset management must have the right environment to flourish; the right leadership, behaviour and culture. Read More
  • Excellence in Asset Management

    This book is called Living Asset Management. This tree metaphor was chosen because it illustrates, at an axiomatic level, that leadership, culture, emotions and behaviours are vital. Read More
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The banana tree flourishes in a tropical climate with rich, fertile soil. Here, the tree is most productive and the bananas are of the highest quality. Th e tree does not flourish however, in rocky soil and cold climates. We can use a... Read More
Preview the Contents of Living Asset Management. Chapters include Organisational Design and Value for Asset Management; Understanding Culture and Behaviour in Organisations and An Analysis of Asset Management Maturity Excellence... Read More
Doubling of share prices, putting a man on the moon, turning an old refinery into a world-class facility and improving safety are all outcomes that have been delivered by implementing asset management. In the tree metaphor, these are some of the fruits and seeds of asset management... Read More
Preview the References used in the creation of Living Asset Management... Read More
Preview the full bibliography for Living Asset Management for further reading... Read More