Living Asset Management

Living Asset Management focuses on people and the need for good leadership and strategies for developing a high performance culture which ensures excellence in asset management.

About the Think Tank

The Living Asset Management Think Tank Inc. is a group of internationally based, passionate asset management professionals who firmly believe in the value that asset management as a discipline, can provide asset intensive organisations. The Think Tank provides a forum where fresh ideas and concepts that enhance that value are discussed, leading to improved long term organisational and social outcomes – for organisations and individuals alike across the globe.


Living Asset
Management Maturity

It is essential to understand that asset management maturity is primarily a leadership and business function for sustainably improving business performance through extracting value from your assets. The technical and process components of asset management support this leadership function. This could be stated as “Asset management maturity is about both an organisation’s management system and its people’s behavior”. People need to understand the criticality of the human component for asset management maturity (AMM). The focus on the human component of AMM is most critical to achieve organizational health. Leadership, behaviours and culture were the focus of Living Asset Management (LiAM) and remain the least understood and adopted. The only difference between a high performing organization and one that is not as high performing are its people.

Living Asset Management

Doubling of share price, putting a man on the moon, turning an old refinery into a world-class facility and improving safety are all outcomes that have been delivered by implementing asset management. But just as a tree needs the right climate and soil to produce wonderful fruit, so too, asset management must have the right environment to flourish; the right leadership, behaviour and culture. This book, Living Asset Management highlights our abundant potential to develop and change leadership, culture and behaviour so that asset management will produce the outcomes we want.