Living Asset Management

Doubling of share price, putting a man on the moon, turning an old refinery into a world-class facility and improving safety are all outcomes that have been delivered by implementing asset management. But just as a tree needs the right climate and soil to produce wonderful fruit, so too, asset management must have the right environment to flourish; the right leadership, behaviour and culture. This book, Living Asset Management highlights our abundant potential to develop and change leadership, culture and behaviour so that asset management will produce the outcomes we want.

About the Authors

John Hardwick

John Hardwick

With extensive Executive Management and Board experience and a background over the past 30 years in asset management within the electricity and transport industries. A passionate leader of organisational improvement in asset and operational risk management, and has implemented world class asset management strategies implementing effective asset management strategies and systems to manage risk and provide value for customers and communities.

John is co-author of Living Asset Management.

John has a desire to make a difference and explore new ways of solving wicked problems. John is the past Chair of multiple not for profit organisations the World Partners in Asset Management, Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management and the Asset Management Council.

João Lafraia

João Lafraia

JOÃO RICARDO B. LAFRAIA is MSc by the Cranfi eld Institute of Techonology, in England. MBA by the Pontificia Catholic University/State of Paraná. He taught in the graduation and post graduation about Quality Assurance, Reliability and Organization in the Federal University of Paraná and FGV Rio. He is author and co-author of the books of Reliability Handbook, Mantenability and Availability and Strategic Management and Reliability, Creating the Habit of the Excellence. Author of several articles and lectures about Excellence in Management of Reliability and Health, Environment and Security.

Lafraia has acted as General-Manager in 5 Refineries around Brazil. He also headed the Operational Excellence Department for all refineries at Petrobras Headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. Executive Director for the FCCSA Chemical Company. He served as board member for 4 chemical companies. At present moment, he has the position of General-Manager in the Exploration and Production Santos Basin Business Unit and Chairman of the Deliberative Council of ABRAMAN.

What our readers say

The Asset Management Council, a technical society of Engineers Australia, has produced a wonderful book that presents a new and dynamic approach to the topic of leadership and culture. Rather than the traditional approach of focusing on plant and equipment, systems and processes, this book focuses on people and the need for good leadership and strategies for developing a high performance culture which ensures excellence in asset management. I would like to congratulate the Asset Management Council and the authors, John Hardwick and John Lafraia, leaders in asset management in Australia and Brazil, for demonstrating that the principles of developing an effective asset management culture are universal.
Marlene Kanga, President, Engineers Australia

John Hardwick and JR Lafraia are two of the most important authors in the field of asset management.  The Management System Standard (PAS55 or ISO55000) is vital, of course, but without the context of leadership and organisational culture it is certain that you will not derive maximum benefit from implementing asset management.  I believe this book will become a seminal text for the emerging profession and senior managers wanting to ensure their investment is a success.
David McKeown, CEO, Institute of Asset Management

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