To achieve and sustain an effective balance of cost, risk and performance, integration is a key capability for an organisation. When one area of an organisation makes a decision how might it impact other areas?

An organisation will initially make decisions through an operational lens. As Asset Management Maturity (capability) increases, value becomes the driving consideration. To reach a state of value-based decisions an organisation needs to consider the coordination of its activities, so it realises value from Assets.

We all see the world differently. In “Living Asset Management Maturity” the tangram is a metaphor for how an organisation applies different lens in its decision making. Whether the decision-making lens is by service, asset, function, strategy or operational, Asset Management Maturity supports the focus and clarity each lens can provide.

Figure 1 – Tangram (Living Asset Management Maturity)

Most functions in an organsiation are competing for resources. An organisation that has a fit for purpose Asset Management System will understand how the elements of their organisation are interrelated and how they align with each other. Alignment and Integration work together in understanding what needs to be done and how to do it.

The book “Living Asset Management Maturity” draws out case studies of how organisations used Asset Management to their advantage and those with effective leadership develop and embed Asset Management Maturity as a core capability to support resilience and sustainability.

Source: Living Asset Management Maturity, Amazon, John HardwickMartin KerrMichael KilleenPeter Kohler, CFAM , João Ricardo Lafraia, CFAM, CAMA and Sally Nugent, ISBN 978-0-6481816-0-6 March 2020, and 978-1-6496975-5-4 June 2021 & Reference: ISO55000:2014
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Living Asset Management Maturity